Sunday, March 1, 2009

nuit blanche

all right, so nuit blanche; 165 activities, till six in the mornin'. freezing night, couldn't it have been like yesterday? every time we walked around it was just too cold. 9pm: old port, me aditi aabida, walk around, check out galleries; margot's place, galerie pangee, with the wicked graffiti exhibition, paper on the walls, drawn on by prominent mtl graffiti artists, like omen; walk across to our new friend lexie's place, the ever-psychedelic espace b51. it was so freezing ... 10pm: head down to place jacques-cartier, check out the ice slide, very very cool; what's hotter is the open air electronica concert, the sound system is amazing and its mesmerizing. 11pm: burger king; 372 st cats, floors of art galleries, super super hipster, crazy exhibit on sound where they're also making grilled cheese sandwiches; we stand in line twice to take warholian picture of us, second time's really the charm. 12am: planetarium; see saturn; lineup longer than the trail of haley's comet; head to grange with kabu and sabu, it's dead. 1am: old port again, freezing cold, beaver tails. 2.30am: wicked onetop tshirt competition at w; rubbish sound system at the club. 3am: contemporary art museum, incomprehensible video on light, spectacular claude tousignant exhibit. 3.45am: planetarium again, line still long in super cold minus 10 but feels like minus 15; exiting chaps declare exhibit's rubbishness, we laugh and leave. 4am: jive on st laurent, rockabilly dancing, super smelly; feel like maleek at the pipa show, exit hastily, return, exit again. 4.15: 2 dollar noodles, really good, agree gladly with aditi that we did alot. 4.39am: enter driveway, see "that guy's" sl55 is not in its usual spot, realise we should have perhaps stayed out longer.

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