Monday, June 29, 2009


it is a paragon of pluralism, created as a house for `every god`, the pantheon was designed to welcome and include all the people of the realm and the variety of gods they worshipped. it is one of rome`s oldest buildings, built by marcus agrippa in his third consulship after actium in 31 bce, and has been in continuous use for over 2000 years. (the xtians usurped it in the seventh c and its used by them still.) its walls are six feet thick, to support its huge dome.

it is a massive structure that, like the moon, remains stationery as you move beneath it. it is breathtaking every time. its columns are gigantic and its awe is wonderful to experience, every single time. it comes into the corner of the eye, through the small streets that hide its fullness. but in the openness of its piazza, it is awesome and thrilling, every time, even when looking away for a moment and turning back.

rome is empty at night, all the piazzas are clear, making way for lovers and other strangers. the pantheon`s majesty is clear in the daytime, despite all the people, but it`s solemnity is clearest at night.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

quaker chewy chocolate chip granola bars

i eat these all the time. i have them after other food. i have them as food. i even have them as dessert. i think it's the chocolate chip part that gets me. i'm sure that's all i like about them.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


it's still exciting. was exhilarating, really. want to go back. was chilling with az and some at lemeac, then some places like baldwin distillerie cafeteria, then in my driveway ran into some people, were chatting then decided to go go-karting around 3 o'clock. was wicked fun zoom zoom round round fast fast.

for tas 1 [m:brgr]

the choc chip cookie with vanilla ice cream at m:brgr got betr. it was always a good idea, but recently they started making it with larger choc chips, and now it is actually really good, and i think about it from time to time.

m:brgr is just generally nice, it's a very chill atmosphere (though sometimes the music is really loud), and the place itself is very cool and trendy, the crowd too, and jeff the owner is great, very nice always friendly. one always bumps into someone one knows. i've spent a quite bit of time there recently. was fun with s-man that one time, and even he liked the place and the beer.

i really like chilling there (though it is too expensive). the drinks are high-quality, top-notch. i'm sure josh silver would be really happy i said that, he's always promoting m:brgr cuz he's got them to stock stewart's. he's all over asw, always promoting mbrgr, trinity, l'original, all the places that stock stewart's. m:brgr also has coke in the bottle. that's always nice, isn't it t ;). and the other day i had a kobe burger with portobello mush, monterey jack cheese, and caramelised was really good. i like m:brgr now.
[this is a very un-triumphant return. i hope i'll be more inspired soon than i have been over the last month.]