Saturday, October 29, 2011

And what is the point of it all anyway
         If you’re going to die.
                  And what is the point of working so hard to be
                                    If you’re going to disappear.

Friday, October 14, 2011

desire's flame

some say: brilliance is a fleeting cosmic event, a shooting star. its origin is a matrix of factors both unknown and unrepeatable; they will call it: inspiration. brilliance, they say, is not for the taking; it is first prize in life's lottery.

the brilliant know better. desire ignites the brilliant, it agitates their veins, and shoots them through life's path like a burning comet. faith in ability paves the pathways of their pasts; surety of success lights their way ahead. they willingly submit to the desire to be brilliant, to be consumed in desire's flame. brilliance, then, is not chance's favour; it is the award for 'best in show'.

Whatever seeds each man cultivates will grow to maturity and bear in him their own fruit.
-- Pico della Mirandola