Thursday, March 19, 2009


dancing, an exaggerated human movement in rhythm to music. it is enlivening, to be sure, though i shan't make any etiological inquiries here. let us say for now that rhythm is indeed a dancer. mosaica ... the mcgill dance company. it's always a fun show. there's such a variety of styles and songs, hip hop to hipster, coldplay to collins. and loads of britney. (seems everyone likes britney, even though all her songs are about how no one likes her.) but the show really was quite good and fun, and it always impresses me that people design the dances themselves, it was the co-ordinators, who themselves are students. and they all put in so much effort. just imagine. the dances were very interesting, some telling stories, most were just raw expressions of the passion that music inspires; through different sounds they played around. but, both the music and the style of dance was very 'stuff that white people like'; a lot of hipster and a lot of sadness. sadness is legitimate in post-enlightenment liberal society, we wallow in it here, though in the islamic conception, despondency is a sin; 'failures should be forgotten and new efforts made'. we don't wallow in sadness, it's not legitimate. regardless, the dancing itself wasn't perfect; they had problems keeping in synch with each other in every dance. but, it's excusable, i think, because one the dances were fun and the music was interesting, two it's students, and three they're soft young girls. if they were not pretty young girls would it be any good? it would not. would one have liked the show otherwise? i think not. what do i know about dancing as art, really? very little, but i enjoyed watching them move around nonetheless. dancing has to be done by soft, lithe young girls, otherwise it's just fat people jumping up and down. (see here.)

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