Thursday, February 5, 2009

e poi ... e poi

a wicked track, totally funk, coming out of italo-disco from '81. yea, pino's cheesy and dramatic but that's what it is. unlike american disco, european disco was much less sexual, more about the fun of it, and, incidentally, about space (new age). "This kind of music seems to expand the listener's surrounding to a very large space with the utilization of new music shaping technologies by the artists." the heavy use of the synthesizer led to that spacey feel, but a lot of the songs were actually about space, and robots, and love. (this one isn't, though.)


son of a said...

Dear Mr Merrily,

I enjoy fondling your blog.

As I see the letters, I wonder if this is a redux of 'Flowers for Algernon?'

If so, where is your humble estimate about where you are in your journey? My guess is at the beginning or end.

Victor El

Aditi said...

SO i gave it a go....
'Oh yeah' indeed i did!! i think we shall be blasting this as we whip around town!! I love how hes smoking....with his eyes closed ofcourse!!

Aditi said...

I'ho lanciata
senza fiato l'ho lasciata!!!
Tre le braccia m'e cascata
era cotta

per i fianchi I'ho bloccata
e ne ho fatto marmellata!!!
Oh yea
si dice cosi
no? E poi
e poi -

M said...

HAHAAH oh yeaah si dice cosi no? e poi, E POI! hahah lol yes i love it too we shall def be whipping around to it tonight! lol his smoking/melodrama is hilarious ..