Sunday, January 25, 2009

doubt -- excellent

this is what a character piece should look like. meryl streep really was spectacular. she deserves the sag. p.s.h. (phil s. hoffman) was really good, but he seemed not to pop out nearly as much as streep. weird seeing amy adams in a serious role; was hard not to laugh at times.

some of the shots were sideways; i guess that was so we wouldn't get bored? nice device of using the sermons to address themes the three characters were discussing. very nice boxing the film with p.s.h. talking about doubt at the beginning, and m.s. confessing it at the end. very interesting/cool how the film was never really explicit about the issue the characters were dealing with; it focussed on the characters' reactions.

ultimately, an engrossing story really well told simply through subtle scenes revealing the character's characters.

meryl streep really was spectacular. haven't seen a performance like that in a long time.

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